CASU / キャス


今ある 物・事・カルチャーなどさまざまなシチュエーションに合わせたスタイルを展開


私たちの提案するアイウェアは、過剰なまでの自問自答の果てに身に着ける人の今一番の何かに Focus をあてています。





Inspired by the changing times


We develop style to various situations including things, culture that there is now


Taking advantage of the beautiful silhouette,

the supple curve, and the air of the present  start


Our proposal, eyewear, focuses on the best of the people who wear to the end of excessive self-answer questions.


I want to create new products while constantly changing and evolving.



All plastic materials Since it is made from natural materials made of cotton,

which is called acetate, it feels good on the skin and is environmentally friendly.


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